The Omni Studio is now totally working, I’m so stoked. The drivers were a little finicky to get going as was Logic Delta, but heck it’s working now – I’m so psyched. I can’t wait to get this music out of me. I feel like since leaving the band I’ve been containing a lot of […]

First day of summer…going on weekend getaway. Me and the family are heading up to the Chattanooga Aquarium to go see the fishes. Being a pisces myself, I’m down with the fishes. Watched Orange County last night, lots of onscreen time for Jack Black’s tighty whities. I’m beginning to wonder if Jack Black is the […]

My Omni Studio arrived last night, setup was easier than expected, although the Logic Delta software won’t run on Win2K 🙁 — but alas, I have confidence that good shall overcome evil and Midiman will send me the new version of Logic Delta and much mirth will follow. Here’s something. A Scotsman reciting poetry on […]

I’m slowly coming down off of my tie-high. Which may have been caused to me wearing a tie for the first time in two years and the lack of blood flow to my brain created the other-worldly sensation (or maybe it was the half bottle of Jacob’s Creek cabernet i drank last night). Here’s something […]

I got the coolest tie for father’s day..dig it..that’s mah boy on that there tie

Jingly vs. Swishy vs. Squishy (as discussed with BBD) [01:56 PM] Van: new guy sure is jingly [02:00 PM] Big Buddha Dyno-Mite!: i know, atleast he isn’t swishy [02:00 PM] Van: swishy is cool [02:01 PM] Big Buddha Dyno-Mite!: sure it is buddy [02:01 PM] Van: squishy is not [02:01 PM] Big Buddha Dyno-Mite!: you […]