more of a person, and less of a patient

My son has been doing a great job with his physical therapy. He is coming to his travel team’s practices and watching. The kid is chomping at the bit to get on the ice. He generally spends practice laughing at his dad doing his best to not embarrass himself on the ice. And now that […]

can’t wait to make you filthy

On Friday, I received my Philly Half Marathon race jersey from Athletes Vs. Epilepsy. It is a pristine white tech shirt, and I am going to take great pride in making it filthy during my training. I wore it during my 90 minute run on Sunday, and it’s holding up OK, so far… I would like […]

hockey socks and twizzlers

When my son fractured his tibia a couple months ago playing high school hockey, the ER staff had to cut the uniform sock and his skate laces to take care of him. It sucked to see my boy in pain, the sock and laces were just a casualty of what was needed to be done. I brought […]

she was always there for me under a twisted mess of wires

That photo is of my Boss GT-3. She wasn’t my first pedal board, and won’t be my last, but she was a trooper. She went to Las Vegas, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee (including several appearances in front of the late, great Pat Summitt at a sports bar in Knoxville), Georgia, Florida, Texas, and of course, […]

scared me poodles

For some reason, I heard this in the voice of Popeye That’s all I can stands, cuz I can’t stands n’more! Movie Reviews… Born to Be Blue – really commendable job by Ethan Hawke portraying Chet Baker during his comeback period, which he promptly took a gigantic shit on with more heroin. Talented, flawed, soul. […]