Evolution of “The Vanimal”

During my half marathon training, or any distance running for that matter, I always include some cross training to strengthen my legs and the muscles that help me not suck too bad on race day. I had taken on the Gorilla Marathon Master training and that went well, but I had a couple of weeks […]

Album Review: Simon Waldram – Insolation

I’ve never met Simon Waldram in person, but when I came across his music on the now-defunct music community, it was refreshing to find a younger artist from Nottinghamshire, UK that felt more kinship to Nick Drake and Syd Barrett than more contemporary artists. Around that 2001-2004, it felt like many musicians had forgotten that […]

that’s my wife, that’s my hero, that’s my Abbe

See that proud lady right there? That’s my wife, Abbe. In this photo, Abbe is holding up her medical clearance to run the Disney Marathon in January 2012. What you can’t see in this photo is Abbe’s tongue which was badly bitten from having two grand mal seizures 36 hours prior to the marathon. I had […]

The Catch

Well, you knew one was coming… if I haven’t bugged you to watch, please consider spending 3 minutes and 40 seconds learning about why I am training so hard for the 2016 Philly Half Marathon. This video describes one of the scariest seizures Abbe had. One which, I literally caught her before she hit the pavement. […]

a thud and a pile of hearts

Thud. What was that? I walked to my son’s room yesterday afternoon, the source of the thud. I opened the door and found him in tears. “What’s up, buddy?” He was upset after reading his Jags team’s group texts. He misses playing. His teammates are heading up to Connecticut this weekend for their first EJ showcase. Van […]