the big shoulder un-shrug

194371_1456082742405_6488846_oSo now, I’m waiting for the official paperwork on the new job. That waiting is tough on me. I’m ready to go now. There is some unknown to any new job. That unknown is scary. Although this position brings stability to our home, any change carries risk. So, I just need to be patient, and prepare myself as best I can (which will be comprised of studying Symfony as much as possible over the next couple weeks and setting the kids up for afterschool rides and care).

Patience… has anyone heard anyone ever brag about their patience? That’s as common as someone saying they make enough money, or that they always do a great job of not taking things personally. It just never happens. Considering all three of those ideals, I would like to improve the way I handle things with what I have in terms of money, patience, and taking things personally. To be honest with myself with my own capabilities and aim high, but understand the real target – a happy home for the kids and Abbe.

The last 5 or so years of my father’s life, I saw him happier than I ever remember him. Sure retirement was probably a big relief for him, but I think his own understanding of himself is really what freed him to be happy. He understood the things that drove him nuts. He understood what made him happy. He understood what was important to him. His own big shoulders un-shrugged. He was happy.

I really think those three areas are where happiness lies for me. My own big shoulder un-shrug is coming.

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  1. I’ve always loved this: Patience, n: A minor form of despair, disguised as a virtue. –Ambrose Bierce

    So happy for your new job and the things it will provide for you and your family. You’ve got this.

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