new found respect for a local business

Yesterday was a blur, but most everything got done, and I have some new found respect for a local business. I went to get fit by Moorestown Running Company a couple of years ago and the process was cool. They had me do a couple of movements to take a look at my stability in my ankles and feet, had me run around in the parking lot, and took a look at my old pair of running shoes. The wear on my current pair of Nikes was alarming, the inside of the heels looked like they had been chopped off with a knife. That kind of wear can not be good for my ankles, knees, and hips (and probably, my back too).

The salesperson was great, he listened and asked questions regarding my training and any issues I’ve had. I decided on a pair of New Balance 860V3‘s. I remembered the Facebook Check-in discount, but the sales guy also noticed my Team in Training shirt (one of the charities I am running Steamtown on behalf of) I just so happened to be wearing. I ended up getting 20% off the shoes with both of the discounts. The shoes feel great, I can’t wait to get out on the road and test these babies out.

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