In Search Of: An Empty Weekend

This weekend was a blur. The boys had a blast playing paintball… (Bubs is far right with his mask on)


And this weekend was the end of the season for the Cannons… the team kind of shit the bed during our two playoff games, myself included (went 1-3 in both games).


I’m worn out. Need. An. Empty. Weekend. Right now, our weekend is clear… I plan on defending that with a tenacity unforeseen by mankind.

Movie Reviews…

The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara – this was excellent. Robert McNamara explains some of the amazing decisions in history for which he had a front row seat – the firebombing of Japan, dropping the atomic bombs, the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam, the escalation in Vietnam, and the assassination of JFK. Whether these events happened during your lifetime or not, this documentary is fantastic.

Funny/Interesting Links…

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