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We had a great day yesterday. I got a very humid and challenging 8 mile run completed early in the morning, Viv got to go to her buddy, Chance’s birthday pool party (this gave Abbe and I a chance to thank the Heinolds for allowing us to stay in their home in Florida too), Abbe got some time down at the beach, and Bubs had a fun family birthday pool party too.

Abbe came up with a great idea for Bubs’ birthday present. It was something that he saw his Uncle Mike using a few times while we were in Longswamp – a metal detector! I’m really curious to see how he uses it and what he finds. Abbe got him a cool book that explains metal detecting, the detector, a trowel, and sifter. Such a cool idea.


After we got home from Van’s party, we were going through the nightly pre-bedtime rituals (which, of course included one more playroom hockey session on Bubs’ new goal) and I couldn’t find Viv and Abbe. I thought I could hear their voices, but couldn’t locate them. Titan seemed to really want to go into the backyard, and the puppy was right. There they were laying in the hammock reading by flashlight.


Debbie, a childhood friend, made a nice comment on Facebook about the picture of Abbe and Viv reading. She mentioned how nice it is to see the love and kindness from my family that I regularly post on Facebook, and how welcome it is given the normal nasty, bad stuff that people post on Facebook. The truth is, it’s obviously not always sweet stuff like this in our home, and what I post is absolutely biased towards positive stuff rather than complaining as best as I can manage. The fact is, I am very grateful for Van, Viv, Abbe, my family and friends. And Debbie is right, I see so many people only posting the bummers in their lives (and sometimes stuff that people really should consider not sharing in a public place).

And the word ‘bummers’  is very accurate. We don’t have a lavish lifestyle by any stretch, yet there are still millions of people in this world that would trade their very best day for my worst. We have to be grateful for the good stuff. Have to.

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