A Skate, A Run, and Going Gluten-Free to Shake Those Seizures

Bubs and I had a great day. He was bored, so I picked him up and we headed to the Igloo for stick time. My skates don’t fit me well and it’s been a long time since I spent any time on the ice, ergo my feet were killing me. I loosed up the skates and transfered the pain from my feet to my ankles which felt better, but not awesome. After an hour or so on the ice, we headed home and I talked Bubs into going on a 3 mile run with me. He got a little side stitch, we walked, it calmed down on him, and we finished strong. Just like I had trouble with the skating, he felt it a bit on the run. We made a deal, I’ll keep skating with him and he will keep running with me. We can improve each other with some great father and son time. I love this kid.

After that, we headed to dinner with Meemom at Wasabi and ate as much sushi as humanly possible. I was really proud of my son (AKA Mr. Chicken Fingers) trying and enjoying one piece of sushi from every roll we ordered. I had a seriously tired and happy kid on my hands at the end of the night.

I mentioned eating sushi and I was actually doing something I’m not supposed to. A lot of those rolls had tempura batter, which is not gluten-free. Yep, Abbe and I are going to get ourselves gluten-free, as much as possible. I had two very good friends of mine email me separately within the span of two weeks, suggesting that Abbe give a gluten-free diet a shot. There is extensive research (linked below) showing a link between gluten and seizure disorders.

Me? I’m going along for the ride, just for the health benefits that a gluten-free diets gives a “normal” person. That said, I’m not going to throw out food in my home, so I am going to slowly rid the home of foods for Abbe and I that contain glutens. We decided to wait until after our honeymoon to get started. I’m not forcing this on Van Jr. and Viv, but I am going to explain why we are doing this. Also, Abbe’s sister Emily (also a seizure disorder patient) is going to go gluten-free too. Very proud of Em.









Lastly, I want to thank Craig Evans and Dr. Mike Kirk for sending me those emails. Craig decided to write a long Facebook message to me after connecting the dots. I believe he saw a picture posted of Abbe drinking a beer (lots of glutens in there), and had a eureka moment. We don’t know that this will necessarily make a change for Abbe and Emily, but the research makes sense and this is a healthy choice for both of us, regardless. Thank you both for caring enough about my wife and I to send me this information. Thanks to both of you. I’m greedy, I want as many years as possible with my wife. Doing without beer and pasta will be tough, but I’m willing to do so for more time with my favorite people. If you know of someone with a seizure disorder, please forward this post to them, I hope this might help others too.

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