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Today is the last day of school for Van and Viv. So grateful that Viv’s foot was not broken. Kids, you both did a great job this school year. We grew a lot and both of you discovered new challenges and met them head on. Life can be a series of hurdles that sometimes don’t make a lot of sense to us as we approach them, but I appreciate you trusting me and encouraging you both to keep running. Now let’s soak up some sunshine this summer and have fun, there’s more hurdles waiting for us this Fall.

Speaking of running, I have some exciting news to share soon regarding my next race – please stay tuned!

Movie Reviews…

Food, Inc. – eye-opening documentary about Monsanto and a host of corporate food conglomerates and the effect on the American diet. If you’ve ever seen your friends posting GMO messages on various social networks and never bothered to read anything about them, you should really watch this film.

Promised Land –  good, not great film about fracking and it’s effect on America’s heartland. This would be the alternative to making an agenda-laiden documentary like Food, Inc.

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