a good Friday

Whenever the kids have a day off, it can be a challenge to have a productive work day for this work-at-home parent. But yesterday, the kids were great. There were nearly zero arguments, they did a good job of coming in for a hug or two every now and then, while still allowing Dad to get his work done. After lunch, Bubs got to go check out the new Star Trek movie with his buddy Trey and his Dad. Viv hung out with my Mom and my niece later in the day.


After dropping the kids off with their Mom, Abbe and I got a dinner at Ott’s (big thanks to our server Kelsey for recommending having a Summer Shandy with a shot of Bacardi Limon – yum!) and then just relaxed on the couch for the night with our big puppy.


Today, Titan has a vet appointment this morning (just time for shots), I’m hoping to dismantle the broken treadmill in our bedroom, some shelving in our utility room needs cleaning, and then maybe, just maybe I’ll have time to get in a quick 5 miler (it’s been a week since I’ve ran. Been concentrating on getting through the burpee challenge). On Monday, Abbe, Bubs, Viv, my niece Emily, and I are going to run in the Medford Lakes Memorial Day 5K. Abbe and I are going to keep it slow for the kids so that they enjoy it. It will be Viv, Bubs, and Emily’s first 5K. I’m really proud of all three of them for doing this.

Movie Reviews…

Django Unchained – this was so much better than the previews led me to believe. Another out of hand, great film from Quentin.

Smashed – not a compelling or unique plot, but the great acting by Aaron Paul and Mary Elizabeth Winstead more than make up for it.

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