pork, burpees, and permission to pee

I made my vegetarian-converting pork tenderloin last night. I love making that dish – there’s a lot of steps (so I feel like I’m really cooking stuff), it makes the house smell awesome, and everybody loves it.

I started the 100 Burpees Challenge (from the Gorilla Workout folks) and holy crap, this is going to be tough. Ever seen a burpee? Well, it’s basically murder. In my opinion, the only body weight exercise that are more intense are the different variations of burpee. The good news is that burpees aren’t too bad on my slightly strained groin and the cardio is insanely tough.

“Hey, is it OK if I pause the movie so I can go to the bathroom.”
“I love that I’ve known you for what 5, 6, 7 years?”
“Less than 5.”
“See? Less than 5 years and I still worry about making a bad impression of myself to you that I ask your permission to go pee.”

I’m a lucky, grateful dude.

Movie Reviews…

This Is 40 – sure there was a lot of poorly resolved/never resolved conflicts in the movie, but it’s a Judd Apatow flick. It’s funny and it’s sweet. I really liked all the musicians’ parts, the soundtrack was great, and Albert Brooks’ character was pretty good too.

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