Still a good day

We had a slight change in plans yesterday, but I still got everything done that I had planned. I got a text from Van and Viv’s mom in the morning that a migraine had unfortunately arrived, so I headed over after running 8 rainy miles. We went to Ott’s and were able to get the Phillies Spring Training game on one TV and the Flyers beating the Jets on another. Bubs played very well (3 assists) last night up with the B team. And after the kids headed to bed, I got to have a few cold ones with my softball buddies, Scott, Lou, Sully, and Frank.

And I’m going to go ahead and declare that I know how to crockpot a pork tenderloin. Abbe, a vegetarian that has only broken her diet maybe three times since I’ve known her (but who can resist Lebanon Balogna?) has been rendered powerless against the tenderloin and gravy I made Friday night.

Movie Reviews…

Buck – when a documentary on a horse trainer captivates an 11 year old boy, you know this is pretty good. This movie about Buck Brannaman, a horse trainer that works within the horse’s nature, eliminating the harsher techniques. I know absolutely nothing about horses, but this movie was about Buck, and how he not only helps people with their horses, but with themselves as well. It’s pretty incredible, I highly recommend this film. And seriously, my son sat with me on the couch instead of playing his XBox for about an hour and 15 minutes and watch the story of this great guy that truly epitomizes the quote, “There is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness.” ~ Han Suyin. 

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