Formulating My Own Happiness Hypothesis

I’m working today, albeit with two kids home with the day off for President’s Day and there just so happens to be a Flyers game on at 1pm. So, I’ve set my to do list accordingly lighter.

I’ve been reading The Happiness Hypothesis and this was all the result of a realization that although I’m reading all these books on being a better business owner and a better coder, I really want to be more efficient as a human being. And efficiency sounds like work doesn’t it? Well it can be, but in this instance, I’m talking about being efficient in spending my time so I can be happy. And that means managing my schedule the right way. I think my expectations of the day are a big part of that.

My father used to require this hour of silence when he got home in the evenings. He wanted to be around us, but not bothered for the most part. I want to see if I can find a path around that. Working hard is no problem, but I am under the guise that when I find my passion and a passionate means of working, work will not wear me down to an insufferable human being at the end of the day. There’s nothing wrong with being tired, but if I require an hour of solitude to unload the stress of the day – I’ve done something wrong. Or sometimes (and this is fair), the day just sucked.

And to be fair, different things work for different people. I’m not saying what my father did was right or wrong. He was able to make a very comfortable living for our family. That said, Dad nearly (literally) worked himself to death. We all have our own limits of how much physiological stress we find comfortable – it’s up to each of us to be honest with ourselves and figure that out.

This week I’m going to get back to my normal cross training that I removed during the Gorilla Workout. That will be good news for my wonky left shoulder, that really felt the torque of all of those pull ups. The week after this, I’m planning on starting the Gorilla Workout 100 Push Ups Signature Workout, along with my normal cross-training (minus the arm workouts), and of course, my half marathon training.

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  1. Katie Haughey fleming

    Hi Van! I struggle with this too. My life if is so chock-full of things to do that I am amazed that everything (usually) gets done. It is a crazy schedule that I’ve cobbled together for myself, between family & kids, two part-time jobs, freelance work, slates and music, volunteering and the odd family health crisis and bout of insomnia (much more seldom these days). Some weeks it is totally manageable and some weeks (like this one) all the deadlines and gigs and work days happen to fall on one week. it being monday morning and all, I am a little afraid to set foot on the floor because that will meant it’s begun and the pace will be hard to maintain. I think what makes it doable is that I’m lucky enough to look forward to most of the things on my docket, though some times I wish I weren’t rushing to get to the next thing and I could spend more time. Overall I know I am lucky. And with that . . . It’s Time to face the music.! Peace! Kf. Ps. So glad you’ve continued your blog all this time. I don’t check in as much as I should ( you know how it is!) but it always nice when I can and good to know your here!

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