weekend = work

A weekend of work awaits me. I will be spending this weekend (aside from a 14 mile run and an early ice hockey game for Bubs on Sunday) working on several projects.

The kids are enjoying a day off today, and after brining home two great report cards yesterday, they deserve it.

Movie Reviews…

Citizen Gangster – Something bothers me about period pieces that have soundtracks from a different era. Like in the ‘Battle of the Points’ scene in Gangs of New York, the montage backing music just bugs me. There were no electric guitars with heavy chorus effects and reverse gated drums in 18fucking46. Anyway, back to this piece of shit called Citizen Gangster. The anachronistic film score is a minor annoyance in what is an otherwise terrible movie. The acting is terrible and again, this film could have been good because the true story of the Boyd Gang was interesting (especially for me with my recent visit to Toronto).

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