the whirlwind that was called Saturday

We made it through the whirlwind that was called Saturday. It started with a very cool rock-climbing birthday party for one of Viv’s friends. We had a nice little break, allowing me to watch the Flyers beat the Canes in OT. Next up was an indoor soccer game for Viv (she played really well and the Lakers won again). Then Abbe walked Viv down our trail (what we call roads here in Medford Lakes) to a sleepover birthday party for another buddy.

Bubs and I headed out to the rink for his second call-up to the Shawnee Middle School B team. Bubs looked more confident out there, and played up on his skates. I think he got an assist, but it was credited to a player that wasn’t there on the box score (he recovering from having his adenoids removed). I know this, because I was sitting next to his mom. Getting this time with the B club is great for him as a developing skater. Every time he’s been the least experienced/youngest/slowest skater on his team, he does a great job learning from the players around him. Bubs and I really appreciate him getting that extra ice time and hope we get some more call-ups before the end of the season.

Today, we have another ice hockey game this evening, but first, I’ve got 15 icy miles to conquer this afternoon.

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