On Girl Scout Cookies and Hockey Fights

Today is insane. Around 6:30pm tonight, I will be able to sit down. The day is filled with driving kids around, client meetings, bank, library, groceries, some coding when I can, more driving kids around, picking up Girl Scout Cookies, and ice hockey practice.

Last night the Flyers put together a solid game, Bryz was once again solid and they got some solid contributions from some of their role players. Tye McGinn was a beast in the corners, Tom Sestito scored twice (on identical moves somehow), and Zac Rinaldo knocked out B.J. Crombeen in a fight…

And as far as Pierre McGwire’s comments for the punches being late… I don’t have that much of a problem with the late shots. It’s tough to turn off the motor once you get going in a fight. Further more, that was fight payback for Crombeen running Claude Giroux the last time these two teams met and then declining to fight Wayne Simmonds. If Tampa wants to respond, I’m sure Zac will oblige.

Movie Reviews…

Last Ride – this is a darker Perfect World  and in my opinion, much better. You will hate the main character and this story is so bleak. But in all this ugliness, there is a beautifully made film. Definitely not for the Iron Man/Transformers crowd, this is deep and brooding.

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  1.  Marty Says:

    Did you see that gif of the ref going after a player? Some good swings there, too.

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