and I will never tire

The marking period ended last Friday and the grades are still being finalized, but I am super proud of both kids. Viv is waiting for one test to be graded and with a very high A, she could have her first straight A report card (3rd grade is the first year she gets real letter grades).

And for my son, he is not going to get his highest GPA ever, but this might be the best marking period for him as a student. He started off OK, but had a couple of C’s. We had a long talk. A long talk with him at one point tearfully saying, “maybe I’m just a C student.” He wanted me to leave him alone and stop bothering him. He had C’s because he was being lazy and wasn’t organized, not because of any sort of lack of innate intelligence.

We can fix this, buddy. We are in this together. I will never get tired of helping you. And we did. Correction, he did.

Currently, Bubs is heading for all A’s and three B’s. But more than those very good marks, I see this kid carrying himself differently and believing in himself.

I love you, Van and Viv – and I will never tire.

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