The more excuses to not run, the more satisfying the run.

We had some fun last night over at my mother’s place. Mom made Portuguese winter soup and I picked up all the ingredients for us to make ice cream sundaes for dessert. Here’s Viv using my mom’s laptop and foot massager sitting next to the fire working on her novel about giraffes.


And here are Viv and Abbe doing their version of getting tucked in… Viv with her elephant hat and Abbe in her arctic parka…


We’ve got a day full of sports… Viv has an indoor soccer game this afternoon and then Bubs gets to play up with the B team tonight! I am sure this is going to be an eye-opening experience for him. Although his skating is fairly strong, I think that is the one area holding him back from making the jump up. I need to prepare him to hustle and not to get down if he feels overmatched. I know my boy understands hard work and I’m a firm believer that with hustle, you can always compete.

And speaking of hustling, I have another 13 mile run to tackle tomorrow (probably after Bubs’ morning ice hockey game). It will be a little warmer tomorrow, but there is a decent chance of some snow, which makes me love being out there more. The more lame excuses to not run, the more satisfying the run.

Movie Reviews…

The Samaritan – I read reviews on Amazon calling this an “old-school film noir thriller” and the preview I saw looked decent. But this film was awful, like beyond awful. Let’s call it bawful.

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