right around the time the snow will start to fall

Yesterday was exactly as busy and awesome as predicted. I had an awesome 5×1 run, got my Gorilla Workout in (holy crap, that was a lot of situps), had a great lunch with Bill, the kids kicked some major butt doing their homework and studying for their tests with their Dad, and then Abbe came home a little early from class (the kids were so happy to see her at bedtime). On top of that, the Flyers finally won (helluva game Simmer!) and I got to watch the latest episode of Archer.

Today is a rest day, but only for my half training. I’ve got a lunch meeting, lots of coding and errands to run. But I also get to spend the day with Abbe home from work and pick up my kids at the end of their school day, right around the time the snow will start to fall.

Movie Reviews…

Humpday – this was a little better than average. The concept was pretty funny – two male heterosexual buddies get wasted and jokingly decide to make an art-house porn featuring the two of them having sex. And they then both refuse to back out of their deal. Probably my third favorite Mark Duplass film after Your Sister’s Sister and Safety Not Guaranteed.

Total Recall – not as bad as I thought it would be. But I was struck thinking, this film didn’t need to be a remake. The special effects and action sequences were really impressive, and that’s really the only thing this film had going for it. Why not come up with an original story? Another byproduct of this copy and paste world.

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