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Well, unfortunately the Flyers have started the season 0-2, but I’m still so happy to have the NHL back. I did get to see a couple of great ice hockey games yesterday – the Shawnee Middle Schoolers won their morning and evening match ups. Despite not registering a point, Van played really well in both games. He was responsible defensively and made some really nice passes that just didn’t connect for one reason or another. This hockey dad is very tired today after not a lot of sleep Saturday night, up at 6:30am on Sunday for hockey, then a Christening in North Philly, and another ice hockey game last night. The kids have the day off today, I’m tired, and I have lots of work to do – good day to remind myself to be patient both with myself and others.

I’m not a bitter/jealous Eagles fan (I have had a hard time calling myself an Eagles fan since they signed Vick), but this might be the most insufferable Super Bowl yet between the Harbowl and Ray Lewis story lines. I’m leaning towards throwing my support for the Ravens for the Flacco-South Jersey connection and Ray Rice being a former Rutgers player. But I can be swayed, feel free to present me with your case Niners and Ravens fans…

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