Think we missed hockey?

Boy, it felt great to be here last night…


And I know I’m a huge hockey geek, but this was cool… 15,000 fans showed up to watch our Flyers practice. The video below is kinda funny – the team punked Claude Giroux, allowing him to skate out all by himself during the intros. Foster looked like he was moving better than expected (recovering from a broken collarbone) and Scott Loughton looks legit. Giroux had a very slick move to get free during a power play drill. I liked hearing Bubs name all the drills they were doing. Bubs and I had a great time and heck, it was all free!

Movie Reviews…

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – not bad, and on a subject I think more and more about -getting old and happy.

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  1.  Christy Says:

    I think it is fantastic. My husband is a huge Flyer’s fan!

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