ghost chile dark chocolate

This looks crazy, but it’s so damn good… Theo makes good stuff.


Today, the playroom door will finally get replaced. A drafty, falling apart piece of junk will be removed and a nice efficient slider door will be going in it’s place. The kids will really like having a warmer room and I’ll definitely enjoy a smaller gas bill for the remainder of the winter. Now if I could just get that countertop repair scheduled, I’d feel a lot better.

Movie Reviews…

Prometheus – this was a really well-done sci-fi movie, but the choices made by the characters in the story leave you more than once saying, “huh?” Ex. I’ve got extra-terrestrial words growing out of my eyes… I should probably just keep this to myself.

This Film Is Not Yet Rated – this was an entertaining and funny documentary on the MPAA, but it felt incomplete.

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