The last days in Toronto

OK, so I’ve got a bit more time this morning to tell you about the last couple days of the trip. On Wednesday morning, we woke up early, got our Tim’s and headed to the XM NHL Home Ice studios to meet the crew from Hockey This Morning and The War Room (Jim has written theme songs for both shows). We went there expecting to maybe shake the guys’ hands, see the studio, and maybe take some pictures. What ended up happening is all four of us (Jim, Boup, Van Jr. and myself) were all interviewed by Mick Kern and Peter Berce on the The War Room. These guys could not have been nicer. Bruce Bolton, Aron Papernick, and Mike Ross were incredibly gracious with their time and really made us feel welcome. Peter kindly sent me an MP3 of our appearance, so if you’d like to hear us chatting with the War Room crew, give it a listen – Jim Meck and Crew.

After the radio show came one of the unexpected awesome parts of the trip – the tour of the Air Canada Centre. I had emailed the staff to see if tours were actually available – they quickly replied with details and so we decided to check it out. A few factors were making me think this might not be as cool as it could be – #1 NHL Lockout (the arena would probably be setup for basketball), #2 stadium tours tend to be centered around selling tickets, not getting an up close view of the place. Boy, I was wrong on both. The ACC was setup for hockey. We walked in and WOW, what a beautiful rink. All the cup banners and player banners (they don’t really retire numbers on the Leafs) hanging from the rafters directly above that big blue maple leaf at center ice. We got a tour of the visitor dressing room (turns out the last people to be in that room the night before was Aerosmith), saw the Raptors’ practice court (painted identically to their actual court), walked out down the same runway the Leafs come out to the ice, sat on the leafs bench, checked out a luxury suite (highest point in the arena and what an amazing view), sat on press row, and we tooks lots and lots of pictures on our way.

Bubs and I headed up the CN Tower to see what hovering 1,100 feet in the air was like. They really should have a webcam focused on people walking out onto the glass floor. I saw so many people walking along, looking at their smartphones and suddenly freaking the eff out when they realized where they were.

On our last day in Toronto, Bubs wanted one last look at the Hockey Hall of Fame and with the light attendance on a weekday, he got to play the interactive shooting and goalie games about 900 times in a row. I tried both too – I definitely did better at the goalie game (came back to the states with a perfect 0.00 GAA).

I wanted to take up a little blog space today to ask for your help, I am running the 2012 Jingle Bell Run/Walk for the Arthritis Foundation with the Del Rossi Dashers in honor of Meredith Del Rossi, my good friend and Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis patient. Meredith is one of my very best friends – she has never hesitated to help me or my family, ever and now, it’s time to give Mer a little help. I will be running a 5K next Saturday. I’ll be taking it easy most likely (still recovering from the Philly Marathon) but if you are able to give, I have a very obtainable fundraising goal of only $100. I am already at 45%, help me cross the finish line! Please give if you can.

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Take This Waltz – this had all the elements to be a decent movie, but it just never connects. I thought Michelle Williams was great, but found Luke Kirby’s character completely undeveloped and shallow. Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman have a couple of funny lines, but don’t go into this expecting a comedy.

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