Time to Heal

Well, another marathon completed. Although the entire weekend was fun, the run did not go as well as I had hoped. Around mile 15, I started feeling some pain and clicking/crunching in my left foot. I finished and I am very proud – but man oh man, my pace was ridiculously good for me at that point. I had a mid-9 min/mile pace at that stage and was feeling awesome. I never considered stopping, I thought about Abbe, my children, and an awesome 8 year old boy named William with seizure disorders that I learned about at the pre-race dinner. I knew I could finish. If I had to crawl across that finish line, I was going to get there.

The good news is the morning after, I’m pretty positive the foot isn’t broken. This was either a sprain or maybe even some really bad cramping.

And what a great weekend – the inspiration dinner with Team ETP was awesome – we had a great table with Kristel from ETP, another Abbey!, and Nina and her sister and friend, I got to meet US Olympic Women’s Ice Hockey goalie and Team ETP spokesperson, Chanda Gunn, I had a chat with a great man named Ed (William’s father) from Virginia, meeting Gatewood, her mother, and everyone from another awesome ETP team from North Carolina (with the best team name ever – Shaken, Not Stirred), I found my cousin, Tom on the course and my softball buddy, Scott (who is a monster runner) was heading towards the finish line as I was heading out to Manyunk, my cousin Barbara (Tom’s wife) gave me a shout around mile 13, I found Dave out there (another ETP runner), I got to high-five Mayor Nutter at the finish line, and it was so awesome seeing some of my friends from Team In Training out on the course too.

Abbe and Paige did great on the half, very proud of both of them. Holding hands with Abbe at the starting line and giving her a kiss before I took off meant so much. And it was so great to have her shouting to me while I was grimacing with every step on the last half mile. Here’s a shot she got of me pre-grimace…

And here I am shivering under my baked potato wrap after finishing…

So now, I need to heal up. I’m planning on doing a lot of rest and juicing (not exclusively though) for about a week. Emphasis on the rest. And although I’m boo-hooing that my time wasn’t what I had expected, the important parts are that I did finish and that Team Abbe Zabby raised over $4,200 for epilepsy research and that my friends, is the whole reason we were there. I love you so much, Abbe.

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