Purple-Mohawked Love Warrior

Today is going to be crazy.

I have to go back to the drugstore because my purple dye kit (for my mohawk) was missing the purple dye.

Can I just take a second and reflect on that sentence up there? I’m 41 and I’m talking about dyeing my mohawk purple again.

Also on tap, I need to get my 2 mile run in (the very last run before Philly on Sunday), call the hotel to make sure we have a ride to the starting line, dye the mohawk (with Abbe’s help, of course), pickup kids from school, soccer practice for Viv at 4pm, get Viv ready for the Talent Show tonight, and lastly, go to the talent show.

Yesterday, I edited down my playlist for the marathon. I’m figuring out what will be my 18 mile song. That’s where generally, long distance runners either hit a wall or just need a little push. Right now, I’m deciding between Remnants – My Morning Jacket, Made of Scars – Stone Sour, Quiet Dog Bite Hard – Mos Def, Till I Collapse – Eminem feat. Nate Dogg, Kings of the Wild Frontier – Adam and the Ants, Heads Roll Off – Frightened Rabbit, Colony of Birchmen – Mastodon, Silver Splits the Blue – Manufactured Superstars, Kick Out the Jams – The MC-5, Regular John – Queens of the Stone Age, Bulls On Parade – Rage Against the Machine, B.Y.O.B. – System of a Down, Starry Eyed Surprise – Paul Oakenfold, or any other suggestions?

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The Last Circus – this movie is insane. Pretty good, but insane.

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