a big run, good meeting, and soccer

Abbe and I got a big run in yesterday at Cooper River Park, 16 miles and finished in great shape. We treated ourselves to some coffee afterwards and then a modest celebratory dinner with some pizza from Riv.

BLP came over for a late afternoon meeting and we covered a lot of stuff for one of our best clients and even chatted about some potentially really cool ideas involving the future of both of our companies.

Today, I’ll be rooting for Bubs during the Pinelands League soccer tourney. The Lakers have real shot as the number one seed for a championship today. Go get ’em boys!!!

Movie Reviews…

Life in a Day – loved this documentary, this was the culmination of Youtube submissions of a day in the life of people all around the world edited together into a snapshot of life literally, in a day. People brushing their teeth, people eating, sleeping, dying, coming out to their grandmas… everything. Only complaint was the final clip – it felt kind of self-involved and contradictory to the realism of the previous portions of the film. Great concept, and fantastic execution. Highly recommended.

Prefontaine – I ordered this movie from my library as a surprise for Abbe and I to watch. We are runners and Steve Prefontaine is one of the icons in the running world. A man that died too young and changed the world of running in his few years on this earth. But holy shit, if I were a member of the Prefontaine family, I would have sued Jared Leto, the producer, directory and anyone that had anything to do with this piece of awful filmmaking. There is not one redeeming portion. Like at all. This could very well challenge Mannequin 2 for worst movie ever made.

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