Abbe the Disco Tutor and an adorable note

Here’s how Viv studied with Abbe for her spelling test tomorrow… sure hope she’s allowed to dance during the test itself…

File this under cute as well, a note to Viv from her buddy Kelly… I think it’s even funnier if you read it with an Italian accent…

4 Responses to “Abbe the Disco Tutor and an adorable note”

  1.  Lizsacks Says:

    such a cute note! I <3 little kid notes!

  2.  lime Says:

    ok, here’s how twisted i am. i read the note in borat’s voice.

    on a more serious note, i am so sorry about yogi. part of me is glad he went on his own so you didn’t have to be the one who took him to the vet but i know either way it’s a real loss.

  3.  diane Says:

    Bellisimo!! It’s almost like she’s cheering out her letters for the hockey team. Too cute.

  4.  Jocelyn Says:

    The second Kelly leaves a horse’s head in Viv’s bed, it’s time to cut off all playdates, though.

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