Student of the Week!

Bubs came home with this…

I was close to tears when he proudly pulled the Student of the Week award out of his backpack. We worked very, very hard the past couple weeks. Bubs, you deserve this – I’m proud of you every day, this award just made your Dad’s smile a little bigger.

Pictures from the last night of hockey (for now)… I wish I could have gotten a picture of Bub’s face while he’s zooming around the rink, I’ve never seen his smile so big… well, maybe the Student of the Week award smile was the same size too.

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3 thoughts on Student of the Week!

  1. Very cool that all of that hard work paid off, and better yet that his teacher noticed. Nothing will (a) boost a kids confidence and (2) drive them to work harder than this sort of positive reinforcement. Other than threat of feeding them to walruses, I mean.

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