Bubble Boom-aholic

Here’s Bubs and Abbe filming an on-location newscast from in the field reporter, Vivienne… (I think Abbe was interviewed)…

And here’s Bowie trying to get Abbe’s attention while Abbe was folding laundry…

And here is my latest battle… Abbe’s addiction to Bubble Boom.

While it’s great she’s earning me a couple of pennies here and there (actually probably more like fractions of a penny) by playing so much, she gets a little… umm… intense… yes, she’s pretending to shoot the bubbles here…might need an intervention…

Books the kids and I have been readingDolphins In Danger (Adventures Of Riley) – it’s another Adventures of Riley book – the kids love ’em, Hush, Baby Ghostling – Vivienne LOVES this story, Adventures of Riley–Mission to Madagascar – again, Riley = teh awesomes, Skelly & Femur – kids like this one, great illustrations but not much reading involved, South Pole Penguins (Adventures Of Riley) – Riley + tales of penguin poop? as we say here in Jersey… fuhgetaboutit, There Was An Old Monster! – kids like this, there is also a song you can download.

Links for my geeky homies…

2 Responses to “Bubble Boom-aholic”

  1.  Aunt Jackie Says:

    Gosh darn ya… you crazy kids!!! Golly Gee!!! hahaha sorry just being silly.

  2.  Carolyn Says:

    That bubble game is a bad thing…I’m going to be late to work!

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