take this day by the throat

pattonYesterday was frustrating, not super tick bite, mom-in-the-ER frustrating, but frustrating none-the-less. I could not complete anything. I put a fix in for NitroVideo that didn’t end up working. I ran into issues importing liv’s blog entries into her new site (I am very proud of her design though – I’ll link when liv gives the OK, I do whatever she tells me to). I also failed to finish The Bridge Over the River Kwai (which is great, I’m just so tired) and I didn’t find time to finish Me Talk Pretty One Day either. I’m so… I’m so unsatisfied.

But today is another day, and I’m going to take this day by the throat.

Right now there are my kiddos favorite bedtime books – Super Fly Guy, SuperHero ABC, Frankie Stein (thanks to Carolyn, this was on the summer booklist from Nokomis), The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat (they like this one because the cat looks a lot like Mr. E), and Motorcycles.

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  1.  Kerry Says:

    I want that sink inside my tree house. Plumbing a tree house must be a nightmare.

  2.  furiousBall Says:

    Kerry – seriously, could you imagine the bill to get a plumber to climb up a tree?

  3.  The Smirking Cat Says:

    Tooth tattoos? You’re right, gold teeth are so yesterday!

    The Smirking Cats last blog post..Bitter Ex-Wife

  4.  furiousBall Says:

    The Smirking Cat – it’s amazing how much money, energy people put into not being themselves

  5.  Chris Says:

    Dang, I guess the treehouse I stayed in at the Salt Spring Island Hostel isn’t even in the running… but I thought it was darned cool.

    Chriss last blog post..Some things that make me happy

  6.  furiousBall Says:

    Chris – got a link? i googled weakly and couldn’t find it

  7.  On a Limb with Claudia Says:

    ((hug)) I hope today is better. I remind you what you’ve said to me: “life grades on a curve.” And I’d encourage you to look at your measure of success. You may not have accomplished somethings, but you were an awesome Dad yesterday. So what’s your measure of success?

    On a Limb with Claudias last blog post..Lust.

  8.  furiousBall Says:

    On a Limb with Claudia – you are indeed correct, and a better man than myself taught me that phrase. good reminder. thank you.

  9.  tori Says:

    We were on vacation, so I am just now catching up. Your kids look like they are having such a great time! I love the videos and pictures!

    On a Limb with Claudia said what I was thinking (although maybe better than I would have worded it), so I’ll leave it at that.

    toris last blog post..Busting Out Slammin Hip Hop Moves

  10.  furiousBall Says:

    tori – that’s only due to the great times :)

  11.  Carolyn Says:

    Glad to be of assistance…that really could be Mr. E. on the mat. I’m glad you read with them…it does the teacher in me good.

    Carolyns last blog post..Graduation

  12.  furiousBall Says:

    Carolyn – i have a feeling he would get the fish on the dish as well, no matter what the rat, the bat, or the hat tried… also, i’m picking up two more books from your list on my way home tonight too – Dino Hockey and Deep in the Swamp

  13.  lime Says:

    some days are like that aren’t they?

    limes last blog post..Monkeying Around

  14.  furiousBall Says:

    lime – yep, they most certainly are

  15.  kat Says:

    Keep reading to the kids…cant emphasize that enough. Good dad!! :)
    Looove the sink! Not planning on getting anyone’s likeness on my toofs anytime soon tho.
    You got any ink?

  16.  furiousBall Says:

    kat – i just got new toner cartridges for my printer a couple of weeks ago, funny you should ask

  17.  Granola-grrrl Says:

    I do not like frustrating days; like you, I dislike feeling unsatisfied… makes for a grumpy day.

    I must have a sink like that! I would put it in my little hippie tree house.

    Granola-grrrls last blog post..On Our Anniversary

  18.  T Says:

    Your Monday sounds a lot like mine was. Today was better, yes? I hope.

    The teeth scare me. Yikes.

    Ts last blog post..Lucky

  19.  Mary Says:

    I want a tree house!! (you can’t see me but right now I’m pouting and kicking my feet…) I want a tree house!!!!

    And why in the blue hell would anyone want a tattoo of David Letterman on their tooth? The world is just plain weird…

  20.  Jocelyn Says:

    Every single day–since I became a parent–I have a day like yours. It never stops being frustrating.

    Okay, half of those kid books you mention? My kids’ current faves. SUPERHERO ABC’S is staring at me right now.

    Jocelyns last blog post..

  21.  Christy Says:

    I have always wanted to live in a tree house. Like the Ewoks.

  22.  mamatulip Says:

    OMG, those tooth tattoos? Seriously – I have seen it all now. The Dave Letterman one is CREEPY, yo. How’d you like to stare at his mug in someone’s mouth? EW.

  23.  Bud Buckley Says:

    I had a day like that too yesterday and your TV link here nearly destroyed this one. Back to work!

  24.  Marty Says:

    Yeah, we all have those days. I had one of those weekends. Keep your chin up and go play with the kids.

    Martys last blog post..Oh Boy!

  25.  that girl Says:

    Dude, at least you’re reading an adult book! I studied Lit in college and I haven’t read anything above Dr. Suess in like 2 years.. See don’t you feel better now?

    that girls last blog post..Coma..

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