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doing my best not to cringe

This past week I saw two things that gave me pause. A friend’s daughter at a coffee shop with a Trump sticker on her laptop, and one of my son’s hockey teammates walking out of the locker room wearing¬†a Trump t-shirt. To be clear, that’s all on me. Folks are allowed to vote and show […]

fathom the machine

My discipline has been sucking lately. My diet has sucked. I’ve been good about not missing runs and kettlebells everyday, but I’ve been an absolute dipshit with keeping up on with my Gorilla Workouts. I have been playing my new Reverend religiously (holy shit, I love this guitar). I haven’t been reading. Meditation hasn’t happened […]

stay at the table

Right now, our society – more specifically, our country needs to stop focusing on what side of the aisle they stand upon and realize there is a growing problem of historical proportions. Whether you are a card-carrying member of the NRA or a person that believes that handguns should not be owned by any private […]

From Bone to Satellite

Yesterday’s events brought a myriad of thoughts and emotions. I’m sure my friends that watch Fox News are crossing their arms, giving a fatherly grumble as they see another bleeding-heart liberal that is going to cite some data from¬†MotherJones, ThinkProgress, or whatever Obama-loving source I can find to tell them why they can’t have their […]