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Book Review: Encore by Tara Kelly

Full disclosure: I’m 45. I’m far from a young adult, ergo, reviewing a YA book should probably be taken with a pound of salt. All of that said, I was more than happy to review my friend, Tara Kelly‘s latest book, Encore. I originally knew Tara as Miss Volatile from collaborating with her musically online. We […]

Album Review: Simon Waldram – Insolation

I’ve never met Simon Waldram in person, but when I came across his music on the now-defunct music community, it was refreshing to find a younger artist from Nottinghamshire, UK that felt more kinship to Nick Drake and Syd Barrett than more contemporary artists. Around that 2001-2004, it felt like many musicians had forgotten that […]


I wanted to pimp my buddy, Scott Langdon’s new book Happiness is Nowhere, available now at Amazon. There are lots of types of bravery out there. From bad asses like first responders, to a kid raising his hand in the classroom. All kinds. Scott’s book is about happiness, but it’s also about his own bravery in […]

Dammit, I’m proud to be a hockey dad.

Last night, Van Jr and I went back to the Skatezone to watch his teammates compete for the JVB Spring Championship. The boys skated hard and played a pretty solid game against Clearview, beating them 5-2. It was really cool to see his teammates skate by during the game, and spot Van on the glass watching […]

And I was. And I am.

My run on Saturday was a duration run (60 mins) and I did a really poor job preparing for the humidity. I didn’t bring water and really paid the price. My pace dropped from an 8:35/mile in miles 1-3 and ended with me hitting almost a 10 min/mile during the last shitty mile. The good […]