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hockey socks and twizzlers

When my son fractured his tibia a couple months ago playing high school hockey, the ER staff had to cut the uniform sock and his skate laces to take care of him. It sucked to see my boy in pain, the sock and laces were just a casualty of what was needed to be done. I brought […]

measured action and training payback time

“What gets measured gets managed.” – Peter Drucker Well, I definitely need to manage something, ergo… I finally stepped back on the scale and found that carbogeddon is going to come to an end, and now. After dropping 42 pounds, I’ve put back on 20. And that sucks. I knew I would gain a little […]

fathom the machine

My discipline has been sucking lately. My diet has sucked. I’ve been good about not missing runs and kettlebells everyday, but I’ve been an absolute dipshit with keeping up on with my Gorilla Workouts. I have been playing my new Reverend religiously (holy shit, I love this guitar). I haven’t been reading. Meditation hasn’t happened […]

The discipline needs a little tightening.

This week’s experiments are going fairly well. The “Reverend Lucre” envelope has $16 in it now. I did notice a small adjustment that is required to the take-all-small-bills-out-of-the-wallet test… I need to stop purposefully breaking big bills to save more money. I’m spending money to save it. That seems… wrong. Example: last night at the […]