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telling my mother-in-law that my rewards account is under the name Lord Van Longschlongdingdong

While I was with Van Jr at another power skating clinic at the Igloo (#13 is working his ass off for the new skating instructor), Abbe took Viv to Cooper House, a new restaurant about to open, owned by her bosses (they also own Keg & Kitchen). They sent me these two pictures below, and then they put […]

The discipline needs a little tightening.

This week’s experiments are going fairly well. The “Reverend Lucre” envelope has $16 in it now. I did notice a small adjustment that is required to the take-all-small-bills-out-of-the-wallet test… I need to stop purposefully breaking big bills to save more money. I’m spending money to save it. That seems… wrong. Example: last night at the […]