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Book Review: Encore by Tara Kelly

Full disclosure: I’m 45. I’m far from a young adult, ergo, reviewing a YA book should probably be taken with a pound of salt. All of that said, I was more than happy to review my friend, Tara Kelly‘s latest book, Encore. I originally knew Tara as Miss Volatile from collaborating with her musically online. We […]


I wanted to pimp my buddy, Scott Langdon’s new book Happiness is Nowhere, available now at Amazon. There are lots of types of bravery out there. From bad asses like first responders, to a kid raising his hand in the classroom. All kinds. Scott’s book is about happiness, but it’s also about his own bravery in […]


Much to Abbe’s delight I have been reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It’s a good read. I do tend to hold onto a lot of things and I purge the wrong way – I go room by room, instead of the KonMari method of “by category”. Purging the whole house removes the problems that will […]

fathom the machine

My discipline has been sucking lately. My diet has sucked. I’ve been good about not missing runs and kettlebells everyday, but I’ve been an absolute dipshit with keeping up on with my Gorilla Workouts. I have been playing my new Reverend religiously (holy shit, I love this guitar). I haven’t been reading. Meditation hasn’t happened […]

lists and experiments

I am a gatherer of data. Like my father, I love being able to put decisions, guesses, hypotheses into spreadsheets and lists. Having all that information laid out into rows and columns or an ordered list just puts challenging questions prone to me making a smarter choice… like the proverbial etherized patient upon a table. One […]

at the check-in desk in heaven, demanding a refund

I know Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman took a slight beating from the reviewers, but I really liked this line from early in the book… I feel this way at times. I catch myself griping about some first world problem. I do my best to zoom the camera out, making sure I am not demanding a […]