Author: furiousBall

And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by

It has been 9 years since we lost you, Dad. I love you and miss you, so much. Thank you for raising me to be a responsible and accountable man. I could not have survived the past month without your example. Thank you for the example of strength and owning my decisions. I hope I […]

Happy birthday, Vivienne

I can’t believe she’s a teenager. I can already feel the avalanche of gray hairs and worrying about her. Ahh, that started long ago, like maybe 13 years ago to be exact. Viv, you have changed me. Although you’re not always perfect, you make me want to be for you. I love you, Punkin. Now, […]

Book Review: Encore by Tara Kelly

Full disclosure: I’m 45. I’m far from a young adult, ergo, reviewing a YA book should probably be taken with a pound of salt. All of that said, I was more than happy to review my friend, Tara Kelly‘s latest book, Encore. I originally knew¬†Tara as Miss Volatile from collaborating with her musically online. We […]

Vanimal 4.0

During my five miler yesterday, I noticed something wasn’t quite right. I had enough cardio, nothing hurt… I was missing “kick” during my run. My pace wasn’t atrocious, but an average pace was requiring more work than normal. It dawned on me as I tried to push more, I need to get back to working […]

Your call

I am entering week 5 of my training for the ¬†Coastal Delaware Marathon, and something hasn’t felt quite right. I am running without fundraising. I do realize that many runners run without bothering friends and family about one cause or another, but well, that ain’t me. My bib is already paid for, so… why not? […]