The Omni Studio is now totally working, I’m so stoked. The drivers were a little finicky to get going as was Logic Delta, but heck it’s working now – I’m so psyched. I can’t wait to get this music out of me. I feel like since leaving the band I’ve been containing a lot of this energy and it’s time to let it loose again.
The trip to Chattanooga was great. I had one of those moments with my wife and son that I’ll remember for the rest of my life – we were letting him stand in front of these little water jets and he was slapping the water and getting mom, himself, and me soaked. It was like time slowed down for a moment, the sun shinning, his laughter, people walking by were looking at us. It was one of those times when you know that other people look at you and wish they were that happy. Good stuff.

Dig this…next time you get bad service from an auto mechanic, try this out.

First day of summer…going on weekend getaway. Me and the family are heading up to the Chattanooga Aquarium to go see the fishes. Being a pisces myself, I’m down with the fishes.

Watched Orange County last night, lots of onscreen time for Jack Black’s tighty whities. I’m beginning to wonder if Jack Black is the bizarro world version of Nathan Lane. Look at the facts: both are great singers, both actors, both over-weight, both short, both brunettes. If Jack Black wasn’t so geeked up all the time, one wonders if he would be belting out Ethel Murman-esque renditions of “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” too. Yin and Yang – Nathan Lane and Jack Black…cue the X-Files music.

My Omni Studio arrived last night, setup was easier than expected, although the Logic Delta software won’t run on Win2K 🙁 — but alas, I have confidence that good shall overcome evil and Midiman will send me the new version of Logic Delta and much mirth will follow.

Here’s something. A Scotsman reciting poetry on the potty, a saxophone…nothing quite like it.

“He’s blowin’ up,” Minnesota Twins reliever LaTroy Hawkins says, “like a man smokin’ at a gas station.” –about teammate Torii Hunter.

I’m slowly coming down off of my tie-high. Which may have been caused to me wearing a tie for the first time in two years and the lack of blood flow to my brain created the other-worldly sensation (or maybe it was the half bottle of Jacob’s Creek cabernet i drank last night). Here’s something cool to check out.

Any day now, my new Midiman Omni Studio soundcard and break-out box is coming and I can’t wait! What’s that thingy? It’s a card for my computer that will allow me to start recording a lot of the music I’ve been writting for several years. Alot of which was stiffled by my old band, because I didn’t quite see eye to eye with them creatively (more on this later).

I got the coolest tie for father’s day..dig it..that’s mah boy on that there tie

Jingly vs. Swishy vs. Squishy (as discussed with BBD)
[01:56 PM] Van: new guy sure is jingly
[02:00 PM] Big Buddha Dyno-Mite!: i know, atleast he isn’t swishy
[02:00 PM] Van: swishy is cool
[02:01 PM] Big Buddha Dyno-Mite!: sure it is buddy
[02:01 PM] Van: squishy is not
[02:01 PM] Big Buddha Dyno-Mite!: you do not like squishy things?
[02:01 PM] Van: lots of famous people are swishy – prince for instance
[02:01 PM] Big Buddha Dyno-Mite!: diahrea cha cha cha
[02:01 PM] Van: yeah, anyone walking around the office with crap in their pants is not cool
[02:02 PM] Van: or maybe they are so cool, we just don’t understand
[02:02 PM] Big Buddha Dyno-Mite!: probably not cool, more like warm
[02:03 PM] Van: i would never go to a dentist if he had crap in his pants
[02:03 PM] Big Buddha Dyno-Mite!: y not? the smell would knock you out and you wouldn’t need any novicane
[02:04 PM] Van: it would be hard to be an astronaut if you had poop in your spacesuit
[02:04 PM] Van: zero gravity could be a problem
[02:05 PM] Van: jingly
Now, who is Big Buddah Dyno-Mite?
Big Buddha Dyno-Mite, or BBD as he is better known by his fans and co-workers is a friend of mine that I am trying to encourage to become a professional wrestler. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a wrestling fan at all, but the potential for BBD to become a star definitely exists.

BBD’s costume will be understated intimidation, much along the lines of Mike Tyson’s towel and black shorts. BBD will only don a pair of tightie whities. Instead of BVD, being embroidered on the waistband, his moniker will be displayed.

He’s currently working on his signature move, the “Big Buddha Splash” and also, we’re trying out catch phrases too. So far we’ve got – “It’s gonna be like bread jumping on the butter”. See the brilliance of BBD will be to both confuse and disturb his opponents at all times.

Behold..BBD..the picture is blury, but just like sasquatch, not many are sure that BBD even exists…

Big Buddha Dyno-Mite!