more of a person, and less of a patient

My son has been doing a great job with his physical therapy. He is coming to his travel team’s practices and watching. The kid is chomping at the bit to get on the ice. He generally spends practice laughing at his dad doing his best to not embarrass himself on the ice.


And now that he is free of the crutches and only using the walking boot in public as a notice to others, “hey don’t kick my or anything, cool?”

So he is becoming more of a person, and less of a patient. This week, I’ve had him do more for himself. He’s cooking his lunch, makes his breakfast, cleans his room, and other various chores. He is shooting on his goal in the playroom again. I have to catch myself from doing stuff for him when he really can/should take care of it himself.


I’ll be behind the bench with his team. I’ll be there when he takes that first check that worries him. Or has a slapshot bounce off that shin. I’ll also be there when he gets his first goal. Man, I can’t wait.

Movie Reviews…

Money Monster – really underdeveloped characters, but this was so-so only because of unrealized potential. I felt like the story was not tapped as deeply as it should have been. Dig a little deeper, this could have been a bigger statement on corporate greed, media-bias, plight of the common man, etc.

Bølgen – worth it for the aerial shots of the Norwegian fjords alone, but a decent disaster movie, too.

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can’t wait to make you filthy

On Friday, I received my Philly Half Marathon race jersey from Athletes Vs. Epilepsy. It is a pristine white tech shirt, and I am going to take great pride in making it filthy during my training. I wore it during my 90 minute run on Sunday, and it’s holding up OK, so far…


I would like nothing better than my race day photo shows me holding my finisher medal, Abbe kissing my cheek, a relieved smile on my face because I hit a new PR and I raised over $2000 for seizure disorder research, and wearing a dirty, loved jersey.

Movie Reviews…

Edge of Winter – I didn’t expect much from this movie, and my expectations were met. Solidly below mediocre.

Independence Day: Resurgence – shooooo-wee, that’s a stinky movie! When the cast attended the premiere screening of this film, I would have to imagine they left the theater fanning behind them from the amazing dump they had just taken on the screen. “Just close the door and leave the fan on for a while…”

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hockey socks and twizzlers

When my son fractured his tibia a couple months ago playing high school hockey, the ER staff had to cut the uniform sock and his skate laces to take care of him. It sucked to see my boy in pain, the sock and laces were just a casualty of what was needed to be done.

I brought the sock home and gave it to Abbe, knowing she would come up with something. And she did – she made the tattered hockey sock into a neckroll/throw pillow for his bed (pictured above).

When you try to get your wife a treat at the grocery store…


Movie Reviews…

Cell – Jesus Christ, how did they make such a shitty film?

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from the helicopter view, it looks like a loving madness that we wouldn’t change for the world

Last weekend was busy. And so much damn fun. Here is a helicopter view of the weekend…

9am Gorilla Workout.
10am Wake-up kids, get Van Jr his calcium and breakfast.
10:30am Drive to Brick, NJ to help coach Van Jr’s Jags team at the War at the Shore Tourney. During the drive, I have to call in for a work conference call.
11:30am Run pre-game warm-up for team.
12:30pm Game time.
1:30pm Drive home.
4:30pm Training run (200s)

8am Drive to Brick, NJ to help coach Van Jr’s Jags team at the War at the Shore Tourney.
9am Run pre-game warm-up for team.
10am Game time.
11am Drive home.
1:30pm Gorilla Workout.
7:15pm Drive to Highland Park, NJ for Soft Rock Renegades Guided By Voices/Built to Spill show.
9-11pm ROCK!
11pm Drive home (Abbe has to open tomorrow morning)

photographic evidence of aforementioned rocking

10:30am Drive to Brick, NJ to help coach Van Jr’s Jags team at the War at the Shore Tourney. During the drive, I get a text from Viv saying she needs a ride to play rehearsal. My mom saves the day.
11:30am Run pre-game warm-up for team.
12:30pm Game time.
1:30pm Drive home.
3:30pm Gorilla Workout.
5pm Pickup Viv and then Van Jr.
6pm Abbe and Viv go for a long walk to the Sand Stand for some ice cream.
8pm – Bedtime… Binge watch a great new show, Stranger Things. Viv does Abbe’s nails.

Viv's nail salon

Few things I have to recognize in that whirlwind… I am seriously enjoying being an assistant coach. Although the boys only came away with one win during the tourney, they fought and showed a lot of guts.

I am absolutely humbled to have been given a chance to hop on stage with such a great bunch of musicians and seriously nice people. Big thanks to my buddy, Anthony and the Soft Rock Renegades for putting that night together. Big thanks to Morgan for letting my play through his rig. I wish Abbe and I could have stayed later, but we have to make sure Abbe gets her sleep (big time seizure trigger).

And Abbe, your patience and kindness that you give to my kids is amazing. Viv lights up whenever you are home. Our home is loud with your laughter when you two are together. How great is that?

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she was always there for me under a twisted mess of wires

That photo is of my Boss GT-3. She wasn’t my first pedal board, and won’t be my last, but she was a trooper. She went to Las Vegas, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee (including several appearances in front of the late, great Pat Summitt at a sports bar in Knoxville), Georgia, Florida, Texas, and of course, Jersey. She helped write songs that were used as backing tracks on VH-1, and even a song that later appeared in a Ford commercial.

You can't see the GT-3, but I'm definitely screwing around with it here... I think I still have that puffy pirate shirt. Fuck, that's glorious.
You can’t see the GT-3, but I’m definitely screwing around with it here… I think I still have that puffy pirate shirt. Fuck, that’s glorious.

She was a good girl. It’s time to sell her. She still has some value, and to build the new rig, I need to get some coin to add another overdrive stage, a delay to stack, and possibly a fuzz for a fourth OD stage (because who the hell has enough overdrive pedals?).

In the picture, you can still see one of the old 13 Stories song titles… Shake Your Ass. To whom ever takes her off my hands, she’s been awesome – you better treat her right.

Movie Reviews…

Carnage Park – fun, but not great. Grindhouse-esque horror film.

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scared me poodles

For some reason, I heard this in the voice of Popeye

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 2

That’s all I can stands, cuz I can’t stands n’more!

Movie Reviews…

Born to Be Blue – really commendable job by Ethan Hawke portraying Chet Baker during his comeback period, which he promptly took a gigantic shit on with more heroin. Talented, flawed, soul.

Miles Ahead – it was very cool to watch this film about another icon in jazz within a week of Born to Be Blue. Don Cheadle is pretty impressive in this film. I think Miles Ahead will leave more of an impression than Born to Be Blue, only because Miles Davis is a more complex character. Although Chet and Miles were both self-destructive and talented, I always thought of Miles as the evil genius that no one could ever truly comprehend.

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