certified jack-ass

See if you can guess which day was the day that The Blogess posted an article about me…

I am a certified jack-ass if you hadn’t noticed…

Links for my geeky homies…

5 Replies to “certified jack-ass”

  1. Heh!

    Yeah I got mentioned over on yo-mamma’s blog and I got around 450 hits instead of my normal 100 or so.

    Spikes in traffic are too funny. My mouth fell open and THE WIFE was telling me, yeah, just imagine if you had actually been WRITING anything that week.

  2. Houston – well, what I really feel great about is that Abbe’s photos over at Denise’s website have received over 10K unique views (as of today). those two deserve that attention.

  3. That was insane. Insanely awesome. Jenny’s right, it is like you’re having a conversation with yourself in the comments section. Your comments rock, you’re kind of nuts, it’s all good.

  4. I discovered you from the blogess and so glad I did ! Yours will be another that I check daily.
    You’re incredibly terrific !

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