the lesson of a tire swing

I took 15 minutes out of my work day yesterday to play with my daughter at the playground… this business of mine that I’ve started allows me to work from home every day. This business of mine is already atop the very most important Top 500 list…

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4 Replies to “the lesson of a tire swing”

  1. I’ve worked at home since I became a mother nearly 15 years ago. Sure, there have been lots of interruptions and challenges along the way, but wow, there’s been so much motivation, inspiration, and joy too. My kids open up my world and help me keep my perspective. They’ve made me a better person and a better writer.

  2. V-Grrrl – in my limited time doing the same, I 100% agree with you. That intense reminder to stop working and pay attention to my kids is such a blessing. i have daily (if not hourly) reminders of what is most important in life 🙂

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