I am too pissed off and busy for a real post…

Some books the kids and I have been reading… Chicken Little (so-so, I never really liked this story and the kids aren’t all that into it as well), Foo, the Flying Frog of Washtub Pond (a very zen tale and this is a good book for Bubs who has been struggling with bragging about his prowess at tennis baseball lately), and Tony and the Pizza Champions (Bubs really likes this one a lot, it’s about a real pizza tossing championship in Italy won by an American team).

Links for my geeky homies…

4 Replies to “friggin’”

  1. Loved the “Stuff Unemployed People Like” link from Veronica.

    Must make one of my own: “Stuff Unemployed People with a Trust Fund Like” 🙂

  2. And so, honey, we clacking first-commenters want to know. Who the EFF crossed our boy? I will drive to NJ, park outside the lines, and bitch slap whoever it is.

    Redheads are known to have tempers, ja?

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