Bubs had his first day of summer camp and Viv had her first day of 5 year old swim yesterday, they both did awesome. Viv did her jump off the dock and then spent the rest of the day jumping into the water to Abbe (like about 4 hours of jumping in and swimming). I’m surprised Abbe didn’t have a Viv-print on her when they got back from 3 Beach.

On top of that, LarryMac stopped by with Bub’s new Haro BMX bike! Bubs and I took a ride together and Bubs really dug the new wheels. Here’s some pictures of all that stuff I was blabbing about…

Check out how cool my friends are…

Whilst cruising around Google Reader, I found out that my good buddy, Houston, has had his children’s book, Dozer the Destructor published! You should all go buy a copy, stat. I’m going to request a copy from my library in hopes they will order it and put it on their shelves, I think you should too.

The Lowgrove Farm page is nearly done, just need a few final tweaks and it’s launch time baby. I put together a draft of, a site I’m partnering with Sage of fame that will be using a slick feed of flash games, more on that later (image of draft below)…


Links for my geeky homies…

4 Replies to “Viv-print”

  1. Abbe should keep an eye out – sometimes those bruises are tricky and show up later. That Viv-bruise might just be biding its time.

  2. The kids are dying to show us their fancy jumps off the high dive at the springs nearby. I get the feeling I will be roped into jumping with them, but it should be fun.
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