It’s starting to become comical. This bad luck/string of problems/fuckingannoyingbullshit, etc. is just about the funniest bunch of shit ever to be shatted. Yesterday, I got an email early telling me that the first interview that I really felt great about last week was passing on my application. I then got another email from the other interview that I thought had gone well… yes, they passed on me too.

But, a shred of good news came up. I got my Pathfinder back from the auto body shop. On my first errand of the day, I was pulled over by a Medford Lakes Police officer for a very expired inspection sticker. It turns out I forgot to put my insurance card in my truck (had it in a folder with all the other accident stuff). The officer was super cool and just gave me a summons, which means I just have to appear in court on Monday, show my real card and all is forgiven. I stopped at the All State agency on the way to the library and got a replacement card.

This morning, feeling grateful for the leniency from the officer, I woke up and took Bubs with me to the nearest inspection station to get right with the law. Well, it turns out that if you disconnect your battery (which they apparently did to do all the work on my truck), your catalytic converter and oxygen sensors will fail your inspection. FML. The vehicle’s computer has to go through a drive cycle (around 50-100 miles) and then it should be fine. So I’ll be going back next week and be done with it.

Last night, Abbe and her pregnant sister Emily came by with pizza and that helped my spirits a bit. Here’s some pictures…

Some links for my geeky homeys…

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  1. Sometimes bad luck hits you like a brick and there only a limited number of options.

    Your post makes me recall my spinal damage and how basically nobody cared: I had (and still have) to face it on my own.

    I’m convinced that having Abbe, your children & friends/family around you will make a difference: their love and support will encourage and strengthen you during this bumpy ride.

    Peter last blog post..The royal Belgian greenhouses and palace: a personal visit

  2. Chris – my buddy Rachel has brought this up to me too, she’s a teacher herself (English Lit) and knows how much I enjoy teaching myself

    Madge – dude, i wish this was fiction

    Peter – i’m trying to keep Stillwater’s lesson about luck in mind, but it’s tough and you are right, i have an incredible support system

    Cynnie – never been there, but i believe you

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