a thud and a pile of hearts


What was that? I walked to my son’s room yesterday afternoon, the source of the thud. I opened the door and found him in tears.

“What’s up, buddy?”

He was upset after reading his Jags team’s group texts. He misses playing. His teammates are heading up to Connecticut this weekend for their first EJ showcase. Van Jr and I are staying home.

I think after seeing his team play a great game this weekend in their first NJYHL game of the season, it sunk in that he wants to be out there. Van Jr’s days have been spent playing a lot of XBox (too much in my opinion), meals, and doing his exercises to get his leg ready to skate again.

We talked for a while. He needs to change up his daily routine. I explained that I get a little batshit crazy when I stay cooped up in my office too long. We all need to get outside of our air-conditioned electronic cottages to sweat and be human beings.

I pointed out to him that we are going to see Dr. Atanda this coming Monday, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he clears my son to start skating next week. No contact, mind you – just skate with his team. I think that would go a long way to unshrug his shoulders a bit, and I know his teammates would love to see him on the ice, too.

I’m not basing that on anything beyond how well his PT is going, and the activities he is able to do now.

Viv and Abbe have been so great throughout all of this. Abbe is amazing with her ability to enjoy Hurricane Viv and her kinetic, melodious way of bouncing around the house. Her energy is awesome, but sometimes the volume needs to be turned down a notch before coffee, or at the end of a stressful workday.


Viv and Abbe put little Post-It notes with hearts all around the house recently. As I found them (some were hidden), I collected them in a pile on my desk. Whenever life gets a little shitty, I find myself sifting through them unconsciously. I love my girls – they are make the two Vans in the house a lot happier (even if the Van that wears #13 won’t always freely admit it).

Movie Reviews…

The Boy – better than expected. Has the feel of a slow-moving, tense ghost story a lá The Others, but comes crashing down on the viewer with some good jump-scares and action towards the end.

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