hockey socks and twizzlers

When my son fractured his tibia a couple months ago playing high school hockey, the ER staff had to cut the uniform sock and his skate laces to take care of him. It sucked to see my boy in pain, the sock and laces were just a casualty of what was needed to be done.

I brought the sock home and gave it to Abbe, knowing she would come up with something. And she did – she made the tattered hockey sock into a neckroll/throw pillow for his bed (pictured above).

When you try to get your wife a treat at the grocery store…


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Cell – Jesus Christ, how did they make such a shitty film?

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telling my mother-in-law that my rewards account is under the name Lord Van Longschlongdingdong

While I was with Van Jr at another power skating clinic at the Igloo (#13 is working his ass off for the new skating instructor), Abbe took Viv to Cooper House, a new restaurant about to open, owned by her bosses (they also own Keg & Kitchen).


They sent me these two pictures below, and then they put their phones away and enjoyed a really nice dinner. My girls… how unbelievably lucky am I?


Not many people can tell their mother-in-law that their rewards account is under the name Lord Van Longschlongdingdong… but I can. I miss Bruce and Jane…Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 11.28.43 AM

It turns out the coaching clinic is full, so I don’t have an excuse to work on earning rewards points at Meckotopia. I’m bummed. I miss Bruce and Jane. A lot. The good news is that Jane is coming to see Viv in Alice in Wonderland on Friday!

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measured action and training payback time

“What gets measured gets managed.” – Peter Drucker
Well, I definitely need to manage something, ergo… I finally stepped back on the scale and found that carbogeddon is going to come to an end, and now. After dropping 42 pounds, I’ve put back on 20. And that sucks. I knew I would gain a little back. I was expecting 10 pounds. My plan with losing weight was to get myself to a point where I could hover around my fighting weight and drop pounds as needed. I kinda fucked that up. Like by a factor of two.
“Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.” – Benjamin Disraeli
No big deal, no self-loathing required. Action definitely is. This is a new opportunity to reinstill the discipline that got me down to a very healthy weight.
“You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet.” – Mark Hyman
No matter how many times I have said this, repeated it like a parrot to anyone asking how I lost those pounds… it still doesn’t sink into my thick, dumb skull.
Forbidden foods (until further notice)…
  • cheesesteaks
  • pizza
  • Mike N’ Ikes…. I know I’m 45, not 8 but this is a huge weakness
  • soft pretzels
  • goldfish, potato chips
  • soda

I’m dropping 14 pounds. That’s it. That shit is happening.

Speaking of making things right again, now that my week off of running is over… it’s time to make amends with my 15K/10 miler training plan. See, I had to bail on a couple of runs. I missed three with that nasty stomach bug that wrecked our family, and then I missed two while Abbe and I were on our anniversary trip in LBI. I’ve detailed the training to be made up below…


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fathom the machine

My discipline has been sucking lately. My diet has sucked. I’ve been good about not missing runs and kettlebells everyday, but I’ve been an absolute dipshit with keeping up on with my Gorilla Workouts. I have been playing my new Reverend religiously (holy shit, I love this guitar). I haven’t been reading. Meditation hasn’t happened in a couple of weeks. I’m OK with that – I equate mediation, guitar playing, and reading as the same effect on me…. i.e. makes me want to beat the shit out of people/things less.

This all might be that nebulous complacency that torments me from time to time, but I kind of want to get the machine humming again.

This quote came across my inbox (thanks, Tim Ferriss)…

“Morality is simply the attitude we adopt towards people we personally dislike.” – Oscar Wilde

Very timely, right? Maybe something to think about the next time we post something incendiary about Trump/Hillary/Bernie/Flying Spaghetti Monster. I’m not saying be a gigantic pussy and worry about parroting your beliefs with a tenacity unforeseen by mankind. I’m saying give a shit about why someone is being drawn to that candidate you just cannot fathom anyone with whatever you base as the lowest form of education imaginable for a still-fogging-the-mirror voting person. See, it helps to know where folks are coming from in politics. It’s too easy to chalk it up to knee-jerk fear incensed by the media. There is something there and it’s actually a better concept than the whole political correctness that pretty much no one admits to enjoying. That’s how America gets better folks. At least, that is what I believe. Respectful differences of opinion help us find the best solution.

For example, I support ACA/Obamacare. Did you just ball up your fists and get “fucking liberal!” on the tip of your tongue?

Well, here’s why I support parts of that program. See, my wife is an epileptic. Prior to the ACA, the only way she could be insured (at the time I was self-employed and she did not get health insurance through her employer) was for us to purchase a ridiculously expensive insurance plan, pay those premiums for 9 months – WITH NO BENEFITS to her for her to receive any coverage. The metaphor would be being told you have to make car payments for 3/4 of a year until you actually get the car. Obamacare/ACA fixed that for my family. Pre-existing conditions is the only reason I support that program.

That’s it.

Got a better solution that is more fair? I am totally willing to listen. Seriously. You have to include pre-existing conditions in your plan, but I’ll listen. The penalties side of Obamacare don’t make an ounce of sense to me, but I’m also big enough to admit that I do not know enough to really understand the need for those penalties. I don’t have an allegiance to an insurance plan or a political party for that matter. I have an allegiance to my wife and family. Just like you do. It’s all good.

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Filmage – a really sweet documentary about the Descendents, one of my favorite bands of all time. The portion about Bill Stevenson’s brain tumor was really great. I had no idea that Bill had gone through all of that, and boy, it sounded pretty harrowing for those around him. Very happy that caffeinated surf beat is still kickin’. “I want to be stereotyped. I want to be classified.”

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The discipline needs a little tightening.

IMG_4102This week’s experiments are going fairly well. The “Reverend Lucre” envelope has $16 in it now. I did notice a small adjustment that is required to the take-all-small-bills-out-of-the-wallet test… I need to stop purposefully breaking big bills to save more money. I’m spending money to save it. That seems… wrong. Example: last night at the rink, a light bulb went off in my head, “Hey! I hit my weight loss goal… so I can have pretzels again! And even though I have this fiver in my billfold, I could use this twenty and put more in the envelope tonight!”


I don’t need to eat carbs just because I can. I enjoyed the shit out of that soft pretzel for sure, but I ate it because I could, not because I was hungry. And I spent that money because I wanted to put more money in the envelope.

The discipline needs a little tightening.

Oh, you were wondering what a Reverend is? This is a Reverend… look at that luscious flame on the body… gaaaaahhhh


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