On Santa’s other shoulder

Recipe for holiday blues…

  • Too many no’s and not enough why not’s
  • Being too sensitive
  • Feeling unappreciated/like everyone is let down
  • Working too much
  • Getting sick
  • Money
  • Not enough time together
  • When you do have time together, all of the above ingredients above come falling from the cabinet and squash any semblance of a good time
  • Not having this guy with us any more…


I’m sorry to anyone and everyone that I might upset this time of year. I have a lot on me right now. At the same time, I’ll do my best to forgive you too. I don’t know what burden you are carrying on your shoulders either. We all play Santa this time of year and on one shoulder we carry a bag of gifts for our kids. And on the other shoulder some of us Santas have a big bag of worry, sadness, and missing the best hero I’ve ever known.

Movie Reviews…

Emperor – another nice story, poor execution film.

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