who’s with me?

Abbe got a visitor last night, my good friend from high school, Adrienne who picked out a pattern, fabric, and colors for her wedding gown. Ade is going to look beautiful! I love seeing Abbe like she was last night, agonizing over the little flowery thingies that are hand sewn on, making sure she’s getting enough material. Very excited to see the final product. And a big congrats to Ade and Geno!

The battle of Poll Everywhere JS embed code within an AJAX autorefresh DIV continues (really need a better name for this conflict… like Operation Refreshing Poll). Before we cough up money for the high dollar API support, I am going to try an IFRAME technique – we shall see.

Well, I got some good news from Chad yesterday – looks like the check engine light was just a failing oxygen sensor, translating to roughly $200 or so for the repairs. I should have the Pathfinder home at some point today, thanks again Chad!

Abbe and I got another short run in yesterday. I think if I give my left shin a break today, then do a tortuous pace run of 2-3 miles on the treadmill tomorrow, I should be in good shape for a bigger run on Saturday.

The kids both have big tests today and I’m really proud of how hard they both studied and how confident they are this morning. Go get ’em!

Today, I’m going to try to do my best to focus on doing some good, who’s with me?

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