Our Amazing Friends

Last night, Abbe and I held our Dine and Donate event at PJ Whelihan’s in Medford Lakes and once again, I was overwhelmed by our great friends. Coming out to eat on a Monday night, in this economy, is something to ask. Doug and Tracy came out with all of their children. Jan joined us. Mr. and Mrs. Collins came to a restaurant that they actually weren’t really fond of (but I did hear from Mrs. Collins that she did like her meal this time). My ex-wife Dana came after stopping by to see our boy Bubs play ice hockey, and then running home to let her dog out. My mother arrived with my son after doing me the favor of taking him to his ice hockey practice. Lori, Bill, and Mark all came over after work. And last but not least, my neighbor and his family arrived just a few minutes after me texting him. Alex, Leah, and Mya were at an eye appointment for Mya; they didn’t know about the event and dropped what they were doing and came out to support us.

My friends rule. We do not have a final tally yet from PJs, but that showing really meant a lot to Abbe and I, and a million times more important is where this money is headed – the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This weekend, Abbe and I are taking Van and Viv with us to Longswamp, PA. This will be the first time a lot of Abbe’s family will meet my children. It will unfortunately be a short visit, but one person we are really hoping to see is Alayna, Abbe’s 10 year old cousin for whom we named our little marathon team – All for Layna.

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