A Russian Fog

This is so cool. So, a week ago, I got an email from someone with a .ru (Russian) email address requesting a 320kpb copy of my song “A Fog”. Because I’m a whore for attention and just love that my music is actually being listened to, I contact my buddy and sometime musical collaborator Michael, who I remembered giving a CD of WAV files of all of my tunes back when I lived in Austin, TX. Michael put a copy of the track (version with a female singer doing a vocal part) up on his FTP, I sendspace a copy of the song to the Russian. I got an email from him thanking me and then goes on to tell me that there is a video on some Russian social networking site called Vkontakte.  The attention whore in me can not resist the urge to create an account (luckily there is an english version of the site). And I found it!

There is a video of some guy (after using Google Translate, I found out the guitarists name is Alexander Kaptsov) covering my song A Fog. How fucking cool is that? Some guy thousands of miles away took the time to learn my song by ear from some MP3 (I’m assuming) he heard on the web and then recorded himself performing all the parts on his guitar using a sampling delay. And here it is… for comparison’s sake, click here to hear the original… and here’s the version with the female vocal… another nice side product of this cool stuff was I found a really handy FF Add-on, Video DownloadHelper, which allows you to download embedded video (like YouTube videos).

After having a rather panicked morning yesterday, I was floored by some acts of kindness from my friends. Liv sent me a deposit for the Low Grove Farm website I am building. She did this so I can buy my son a birthday present. I had sent an email the night before to my contact at the Battleship New Jersey to see if their webmaster could score some free tickets to the Battleship Blast to take Abbe and my kids Saturday night. After I had sent the email, I realized that my bank account balance was so low, even paying for parking would be a no-no. I emailed my contact back and told him nevermind. Ten minutes later, he emailed me and said he appreciates all the hardwork I’ve put into the ship’s site and I’ll have 4 free tickets and complimentary parking right next to the BB-62. How nice were both of these gestures?

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  1. that’s awesome. both bits of news, your music being celebrated and enjoyed and the free tour and parking. i am so glad that was provided for you.

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