goodnight, my hero

As some of you have heard via an email I sent out earlier today or the comments from my last post, my father passed away sometime early this morning. My Dad took a fall down stairs into his basement and was found this morning by my mother.

This has been a hard, hard day. Lots of hugs, painful crying.

The line of cars at my parents’ home and all the concerned family and friends stopping by to check on my mother have meant so much.

I am so grateful my children got in last night and had a chance to see my father before this happened. Also, I am glad I was able to sit Van and Vivienne down and talk to them about their Papa being in heaven now.  I can talk to them about life and how important it is to love each other everyday. Having my children with me has made this blow at least a modicum easier to bear for myself too. I can hold them tonight and tell them I love them.

I mentioned this in the email I sent out earlier, … go tell the people you love how much they mean to you. Be nice to each other, please.

Goodbye Dad, I love you. I am so proud to be your son. How you and Mom taught me what family truly means. The times we spent sailing. The birth of both my children, both nearly a thousand miles (one in Georgia and one in Austin, TX) away you didn’t miss out. How whenever the clock read 9:19, you sang Happy Birthday to yourself (Dad’s birthday is September 19th). When I finally understood what it meant that as you said, “life grades on a curve.” Goodbye Dad, I love you. I love you. I love you.

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  1. There are no words that lessen your pain or make the sadness go away…so all I will say is although you dad is no longer with you physically, he is with you enternaly….keep your mind open and look for his signs.

  2. God, I just finally got around to listening to the CD and I was logging on to thank you again for it and I found this. I am just so sorry. I wish I knew what to say but I don’t. I’m just so sorry.

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