you didn’t sink my battleship

Last night I was sitting on my couch working on my laptop and my kiddos were supposed to be falling asleep in my bed. After about 20 minutes, I heard the slightly heavier shuffling of Bub’s feet coming towards me. “Hey buddy, it’s bed time, let’s get to sleep.”
“Daddy, I’m going to sleep in my bed, because Vivie is snoring and I can’t fall asleep.”

Oh, my little princess.

29 thoughts on you didn’t sink my battleship

  1. umm…i’m going to need some assurance that no yorkshire terriers were harmed in the making of that handbag that viv is carrying.

    looks like a fun day–sort of grey just like the day we’re having down south.

  2. Dude. You are not helping your custody situation by letting your child hang our with sailors like that – then blasting the photo all over the Internet. You and Britney man! 😉

    I’m glad you are having so much fun. It’s dumping snow here so…..

  3. Do they normally allow that much access to the ship? I’ve been planning a trip to Charleston SC to see Patriots Point again but maybe I’ll head north instead. Nice Pics

  4. liv – i’m glad no one else aboard the ship had a puppy purse too, that would have been embarassing

    Open Grove Claudia – ha, we need some of that snow – quit hoggin it all

    Jeff – yep, and there’s actually plans to open more of it. it’s a decommissioned battleship, last saw action i believe in 92 during the first Gulf War

    flutter – Twas

    Chris – dude, she would kick those guys asses. and there’s nothing more embarrassing than getting your ass handed to you by a 4 year old with a Yorky purse.

  5. My 1st Step-dad (doesn’t that sound ghetto?) took me inside a retired battleship one time. I got lost. Then I got sick. I don’t think I’d make a very good sailor.

  6. Chris – have yorky purse, will travel

    Jocelyn – delicate like a little bird’s egg

    dorky dad – yeah, this honestly has been my favorite xmas

    Carolyn – yep, mom and dad are having a great time with them as well.

  7. Why is it that no matter where or what I do with my kids they never, ever look HALF as enthused as yours do? I’m sending them to you for a week, alright? Beat some joy in to their little heads for me, please? 😉

    I want the dog purse, btw, in boot form.

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